FireIce® is a dry powder that, when added to water, produces a firefighting gel that saps the heat and oxygen from a fire. Its uses include the following;

  • Fire suppressant. In addition to bushfires, it also extinguishes scrub, grass, structural, tire, motor vehicle, and other types of fires.
  • A burn barrier. When sprayed on a surface, the gel adheres to the burning material, cools the burning fuels, and rapidly suffocates the fire and prevents the fire from rekindling.
  • To retard fire. It is a medium-term retardant that protects structures. Simply spray on the structure, ie your home and surrounding bush to protect the structure from radiant heat and embers.
  • To create fire breaks. The product is used to create breaks in front of advancing bushfires.
Homeowners can apply FireIce as a barrier to their home via the FireIce HDU wand, The FireIce HDU wand is simply attached to a standard pressure cleaner and the homeowner is then able to coat their home and surrounding vegetation with FireIce for protection against radiant heat and ember attack for up to 3 days.


For firefighting units FireIce is simply added to the water tank or used with the FireIce inline inductor for larger firefighting appliances.


The easy-to-use gel is safe for firefighting equipment and is also inert and environmentally friendly. There is no need for expensive retrofits or harsh chemicals for washing down or cleaning up.